Monday, April 25, 2011

Health Concerns and Risks

In football there are many health risks to consider. One very important health implication is that football players tend to have heart problems due to steroid use. Many football players use steroids, human growth hormone and other banned ergogenics. The heavier football players were twice as likely to die before the age of 50 due to heart disease, which raises another problem among some NFL players which is obesity or just being overweight. The lineman tend to weight more so that it is harder for people to move them around on the field and they can have more body mass. Many NFL players try to weigh more on purpose because it also helps with tackling. Football players that weight in between the range of 260-300lbs can tackle with a force of 2600-3000lb when running full speed. Besides the organ problems with the heart football players including the ones that don’t take banned substances can still be at high risk of becoming injured when tackling people and being tackled. The injury rate for NFL players was nearly eight times higher than that of any other commercial sports league, including hockey and auto racing (Carl Prine, 2005). Playing football in general opens you up to becoming injured and getting concussions. Older football players can have increased risk of dementia and memory loss as well as aching body parts. There was a former Baylor player that became paralyzed from a hit in practice. In 1979 Kyle Woods was hit by a teammate during practice and he had become paralyzed. Another health concern is dehydration. If a football player does not drink enough water before, during, and after practice or competition then they could suffer from a heat stroke, cramps, heat exhaustion, overheating, and even death. 

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