Monday, April 25, 2011

Ergogenics Used

There are many athletes looking for an edge on their competition so they turn to ergogenics. Approximately 50 percent of the general population have reported taking some form of dietary supplements, while 76 to 100 percent of athletes in some sports are reported to use them (Ahrendt, 2001). Some of the most popular ergogenics include steroids, human growth hormone, stimulates (which can be illegal when athlete goes over a certain limit), blood doping, creatine, Androstenodione. Creatine is not one of the banned substances, but the others are. Amphetamines are also banned. There are three main reasons people take steroids, which are “First, anticatabolic effects reverse the actions of glucocorticoids and help metabolize ingested proteins, converting a negative nitrogen balance into a positive one. Second, anabolic effects directly induce skeletal muscle synthesis. Third, there is a “steroid rush”—a state of euphoria and decreased fatigue that allows the athlete to train harder and longer.” (Haupt, 1984).  These reasons are enough to get a player to use them whether they are banned or not.

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